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Shadow Fight

Shadow Fight  //  Social games

  • Players: 
  • 45.221.625
  • Online: 
  • 8.996

 Shadow Fight combines the simplicity and mass-appeal of today’s casual games with the game depth of hardcore arcade games like Mortal Kombat or Tekken, strictly corresponding to the motto “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master”.


11x11  //  Browser games

  • Players: 
  • 8.017.991
  • Online: 
  • 5.645

An open-web browser game and winner of the "2011 European Browser Game of the Year" award, 11x11 is the sophisticated, yet accessible, football manager. Players create a football club and compete with thousands of real opponents to win tournaments and championships.


11x11  //  Social games

  • Players: 
  • 11.219.580
  • Online: 
  • 2.806

11x11 Football Manager is an engaging social football manager with fully rendered matches that brings the thrill of the game into the clubhouse.


Gladiators  //  Browser games

  • Players: 
  • 3.280.112
  • Online: 
  • 1.211

Gladiators is an open-web browser game based in ancient Rome. Players establish and staff a gladiator school, then send powerful warriors to battle other players' gladiators to win prestigious tournaments.


Soccer.ru  //  Other projects

The most popular football portal in Russia, and the only football site you'll ever need. More than 50 journalists & photographers cover every aspect of the sport in Russia and around the globe. World class translation and moderation ensure the best experience, every time!


Nekki provides launch title for "Amazon Fire TV"

“We are thrilled that Shadow Fight 2 is now available for Amazon Fire TV” said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Product Management, Amazon. ... More
Nekki is proud to announce a collaboration with Amazon: Nekki's new blockbuster game Shadow Fight 2 is one of the few games, which are already available for Amazon's recently announced TV-console system Fire TV.

“We are thrilled that Shadow Fight 2 is now available for Amazon Fire TV” said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Product Management, Amazon. “Customers now have access to their favorite fighting and roleplaying game right in their living room, displayed in a visually stunning way.” 

The Facebook game Shadow Fight has more than 40 million active players and is one of the most successful Social-Fighting-Games ever. Now its successor is about to capture mobile devices - and your home, too.

Grab the controller in order to become the strongest on Amazon’s home console:  Equip yourself with dozens of destructive weapon and armor sets, fight monstrous hordes of enemies and challenge dangerous demon-leaders in this nail-biting adventure. Shadow Fight 2 sends you on a journey you will never forget!

Shadow Fight 2 on Amazon:

9 April 2014

Nekki's Shadow Fight 2 instantly captures No.1 position in 35 AppStores

Nekki's Shadow Fight 2 instantly captures No.1 position in 35 AppStores... More
We have released the nearly final iOS version of our brand new game "Shadow Fight 2" in 78 AppStores in smaller countries.
Within less than 24 hours the game has scored the No.1 chart position in 35 AppStores. This is a more than auspicious start for our most anticipated game title in 2014! 
And it's just the beginning: Starting in March/April 2014, Shadow Fight 2 will be released for iOS and Android all over the world.


18 March 2014

Star Slots: Entertaining, awesome and addictive!

Star Slots: Entertaining, awesome and addictive! ... More
Nekki's new mobile game "Star Slots" is the premier slot machine experience for enthusiasts, as well as newcomers!
Collect shiny stars and enjoy engrossing bonus game modes with lovely animations and a relaxing soundtrack in a game that’s just perfect for every slot machine lover! Indulge yourself in this wonderful FREE gambling simulation and become the high roller! 

- Dozens of UNIQUE video slots with amazing sounds and animation! 
- Discover exciting BONUS GAMES! 
- Share coins, bonus games and free spins with your FRIENDS! 
- Frequent GIFTS, daily bonuses, sales and updates!


5 March 2014

Nekki_ru Terrific! With it's 4.8 stars rating Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best rated mobile games on Google Play! pic.twitter.com/t78UFGOr6G 8 April 2014

Nekki_ru We proudly present the official trailer of our new fighting-RPG-game Shadow Fight 2! youtube.com/watch?v=hVy58h… 26 March 2014

Nekki_ru Nekki's new game Shadow Fight 2 instantly captures No.1 position in 35 AppStores within less than 24 hours! appannie.com/apps/ios/app/6… 18 March 2014

Nekki_ru The deluxe version of our hit game Vector is one of six awesome games in the "Humble Mobile Bundle 4" for Android! humblebundle.com 5 March 2014

Nekki_ru Just S-E-V-E-N days! Our MMO wargame "Steam Battle" has successfully passed Steam's greenlight programm in record time. Thank you, friends! 6 February 2014

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